Moonwalkers Are A Cult.

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2018-02-06 - Origin Story

I recently watched a documentary called Surviving R. Kelly. I had to think about whether I could ever "mute" my beloved Michael Jackson, should the Wade Robson allegations prove to be valid. Little did I know, there was already a documentary heading to Sundance Film Festival (and later HBO and Channel 4).

I also joined Instagram around that time. There I discovered that the Michael Jackson online fan communities were all in a frenzy, attempting to silence any discussion about the new film. In my opinion, they are behaving just like R. Kelly fans who cannot recognize the cognitive dissonance in their words. Making death threats. Harassing film festivals, broadcasters, journalists for daring to screen or discuss the documentary.

Victim blaming, spinning conspiracy theories, and spouting the same tired excuses that we've always made for Michael's "eccentric" behavior regarding children. As far as I'm concerned, if your defense sounds the same as that of every other wealthy (alleged) sexual predator, you've got a problem.

A couple days ago, a commenter below a vulgar anti-Robson music video asked what the fuss was all about. I gave a short reply, so as not to upset the fanatics. When asked to elaborate, I decided to find out what Leaving Neverland is really about.

I learned just how intense the viewing experience was for the initial audience at Sundance on February 1st. I wrote, "I feel sick. This feels real." I wanted to cry, but then I returned to the endless sea of MJ fanatics, copy-pasting victim-blaming gibberish everywhere they heard Michael's name being uttered.

I started upvoting reasonable comments (needles in a haystack) on relevant YouTube videos. I started writing my own comments where I felt compelled. I decided that my words deserved a bigger audience than a dozen YouTube commenters. I began to visualize relevant memes in my head. I created a second IG channel last night, in order to buffer myself from any sociopathic reactions to my content. Thus Moonwalker_Cult was born! 👶🏿

I've noticed that a common "last resort" tactic is to call me a 'hater,' and ask me what is my preoccupation to socialize among fans only to 'smear Michael's good name' on social media. I'm not a hater, but I am certainly a troll! The real smear on the Jackson family name is their enabling of his suspicious behavior for years, and their negligence to denounce death threats against Michael's accusers.

I love Michael, but I love the Truth more. I truly hope it isn't true; I won't know what to do if it is. But I'm tired of putting up with delusional young people and their antisocial behavior, done in the name of Michael Jackson. I probably won't shatter anyone's delusions, but I can be a visible, rational presence. Suddenly, my life has purpose! 😂

Stay tuned for more commentary, debate, memes, and musical parody. All done in L-O-V-E! ❤️


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How can you tell if something is a cult? They will always say "Hey, we are NOT a cult! We only do… like 85% of the typical cult behavior…" 🙄 #LeavingNeverland #moonwalkercult

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I spent a lot of time spitting into the wind yesterday. #leavingneverland #ibelievevictims #ibelievethem #waderobson #jimmysafechuck #jamessafechuck #muterkelly

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Each cult member is issued a unique strain of copypasta which they carry around, smearing the exact same gibberish in any venue with a free textbox. #leavingneverland #moonwalkercult #moonies #mooniecopypasta

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